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BIOARTists at Kidney Week 2016 - US

Michele FEDECOSTANTE and Milos MIHAJLOVIC (BIOART PhD Fellows) presented posters at Kidney Week 2016, Chicago, Il, USA. Prof. Dimitrios STAMATIALIS, BIOART's coordinator and Prof. Rosalinde MASEREEUW (supervisor) also made the trip. Dimitrios presented posters by 2 other BIOART PhD Fellows, Denys PAVLENKO and Natalia CHEVTCHIK.


Michele's poster was entitled "An Upscaled Bioartificial Kidney Device With An Apically-Oriented Inflammatory Response Upon LPS Exposure".

Milos' poster was entitled "Lack of allostimulatory potential of conditionally immortalized proximal tubule epithelial cells for bioartificial kidney application."


The BIOART researchers were quite in the spotlight during Kidney Week, since they got to present on the living membrane they developed: 


HIGHLIGHT - Living Membrane Developed: Closer to Developing a Bioartificial Kidney

The BIOART researchers are proud to announce that they have developed a key component needed to create a bioartificial kidney.

Research is getting one step closer to replacing dialysis by a bioartificial kidney. A key component needed in a bioartificial kidney is a “living membrane” and this is just what Prof. Stamatialis, Prof Masereeuw and their colleagues managed to achieve. Their results were presented during Kidney Week, in Chicago, USA, in November 2016.

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From left to right: Prof. Dimitrios STAMATIALIS (BIOART's coordinator), Milos MIHAJLOVIC and
Michele FEDECOSTANTE (BIOART PhD Fellows), Prof. Rosalinde MASEREEUW (PhD supervisor)


2nd BIOART Fellow Defended in November 2016!

Dmytro SNISARENKO, PhD student at Paul Sabatier University, France, defended his PhD thesis on November 7th, 2016.

Title of work:

Medium sized molecules clearance through artificial kidneys

PhD Committee: Prof. Christel CAUSSERAND, Paul Sabatier University, France; Prof. Dimitrios STAMATIALIS, UTwente, The Netherlands; Dr. Efrem CURCIO, University of Calabria, Italy; Dr. Jean-Baptiste SALMON, University of Bordeaux (Laboratory of Future); Prof Patrice BACCHIN, Paul Sabatier University, France; Prof Pierre AIMAR, Paul Sabatier University, France.


Dmytro SNISARENKO on his PhD Defense day


PhD Committee members and new Doctor - From left to right: Dr. Jean-Baptiste SALMON, Univ. of Bordeaux; Prof. Patrice BACCHIN, Paul Sabatier Univ., France; Prof. Dimitrios STAMATIALIS, UTwente, The Netherlands; Dr. Dmytro SNISARENKO, Paul Sabatier Univ., France; Prof. Christel CAUSSERAND, Paul Sabatier Univ., France; Prof. Pierre Aimar, Paul Sabatier Univ., France; Dr. Efrem CURCIO, Univ. of Calabria, Italy.


We're proud to announce that Dmytro then immediately started a new job as R&D engineer in the Filtration Technology Research company based in the Paris aread. Congratulations to him!


2 BIOART Fellows at Cell Symposia - 10 years of iPSCs

Aniela SKRZYPCZYK (BIOART PhD Fellow) presented her poster entitled "New directions in pluripotent stem cells image analysis - a systematic review" on Monday, September 26th, 2016 at the 10 years of iPSCs symposium at Berkeley, California, US. Fellow PhD BIOARTist Ilona KRYSTEL also attended the conference.g


Read what Aniela says about her participation to this symposium:

"The best lecture in my view was done by Prof. Yamanaka. He talked about the outcome of first clinical trials which involved cells derived from patient iPSCs and why they decided to switch to allogenic iPSCs. Another great talk was given by Prof. Rudolf Jaenisch. (...)"



Aniela SKRZYPCZYK at 10 years of iPSCs

's AN

Launch of new ESAO Working Group

Prof. Dimitrios STAMATIALIS, BIOART's coordinator, has launched a new ESAO Working Group devoted to Bioartificial organs. ESAO is the European Society for Artificial Organs. The Kick-off meeting was held during ESAO 2016 Congress in Warsaw, on September 15, 2016 and chaired by Prof. STAMATIALIS.


BIOART's Final Symposium held during ESAO Congress

BIOART's Final Event took place during the ESAO congress on September 15, 2016, in Warsaw, Poland, as a specific thematic symposium, open to all ESAO participants.

ESAO is the European Society for Artificial Organs.


Download BIOART's Symposium programme: Bioart-symposium-programme

Have a look at the pictures of the BIOARTists at ESAO Congress: pictures

For more info about the ESAO congress, click here.






BIOARTists gave talks at TERMIS - June 2016

Four BIOART Fellows gave oral presentations during a BIOART symposium at the TERMIS-EU conference on June 30, 2016 in Uppsala, Sweden, along with two senior researchers involved in BIOART.

The 2016 TERMIS-EU conference was devoted to future regenerative therapies.

BIOART's symposium: Innovative (Bio)artificial Devices for Liver and Kidney Disease.

Thursday June 30, 11:30-13:00

Chair: Loredana De Bartolo

- Natalia Chevtchik: Development of a bioartificial kidney system capable of actively removing uremic wastes

- Michele Fedecostante: Protein-bound anionic uremic toxins efficiently cleared by a bioengineered renal tubule

- Dr. Loredana De Bartolo: Human liver organotypic membrane bioreactors

- Haysam Ahmed: Liver microtissues in hollow-fiber membrane systems

- Dr. Cecile Legallais: Are encapsulated hepatic hetero-spheroids relevant for bioartificial liver?

- Dr. Valentina Strusi: Bioartificial liver in vitro: an innovative method of hepatogenic differentiation

For more info about TERMIS-EU: www.termis.org/eu2016/



S. Danial NAGHIB Gave a Talk at Fluidization XV, Quebec

danialnaghib_nbDanial's talk was entitled "Expansion properties of Alginate beads as cell carrier in the fluidized bed bioartificial liver". Danial is a BIOART PhD student at Universita della Calabria, Italy.

Fluidization XV is an Engineering Conferences International Conference. It took place in May 2016, Quebec, Canada.








Vittoria PANDOLFI 1st BIOART Fellow to Defend PhD thesis!

Vittoria defended her thesis on March 17th, 2016 at the University of Compiègne, France.

Title of work:

Microencapsulation of hepatic cells for extracellular supply. Vittoria then spent a few more months at the University of Compiègne as a postdoc researcher. She is soon to embark on a new professional adventure: more news soon!

PhD Committee:
DUBART-KUPPERSCHMITT A., DR INSERM U1193, Villejuif - France (rapporteur); SAUER I. M., School of Medicine - Charité,  Berlin - Germany (rapporteur); STAMATIALIS D., University of Twente, Twente - The Netherlands (examiner); EGLES C., University of Technology of Compiègne, Compiègne - France (examiner); LEGALLAIS C., University of Technology of Compiègne, Compiègne - France (doctoral advisor).


Vittoria Pandolfi


PhD Committee


Six BIOARTists in Venice at MCAA Conference

The Marie Curie Alumni Association conference was held on March 4th, 2016. It was a great networking opportunity for the Fellows. They also got more practice presenting their research since posters sessions were on the agenda.

"MCAA was amazing! A great opportunity, totally! There were a lot of enthusiastic people, and we can say that we belong to an association, which is something important" said one of the BIOARTists.



BIOART's 6th Progress Meeting - February 3rd, 2016 - Toulouse

The BIOARTists and their supervisors got together in Toulouse, France, to report on their research activities and benefit from a full morning devoted to courses (the basics of mass transfer modelling were presented, and on a different note, the marketing requirements for medical products).



Artificial Organs and Tissue Engineering Day - October 2nd, 2015

A BIOART outreach event took place on October 2nd in Montpellier, France. Top-rank researchers shared their extensive knowledge on the latest trends and issues at the interface of materials, engineering and medicine. The participants got an insight into society-driven research and innovation thanks to lively talks alternating with interesting panel debates.
Organisation, communication and logistics were taken care of by EMH.


9 BIOART Fellows participating in renowned conferences in automn 2015

Denys, Dmytro, Natalia, Shervin, Vittoria, Milos, Valentina, Haysam and Michele are at ESAO, Euromembrane, TERMIS and WCRM for oral and/or poster presentations. Congratulations to all of them!

Click on the picture below for more details.




ESAO 2015's poster award goes to a BIOART PhD student!

Congratulations to Michele Fedecostante, who received the ESAO's poster award for his poster entitled "Immortalized human renal epithelial cells grown on hollow fiber membranes for bioartificial kidney". The theme for this year's conference was 'Artificial Organs Tailor Made'. The conference took place from September 2-5 in Belgium.

Michele carries out his doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof. Rosalinde Masereuuw at Utrecht University (Pharmacology department), in the Netherlands.



BIOART's Summer School - June 2015

BIOART organised its Summer School at the University of Twente in the Netherlands from June 8th to June 12th.

23 talks by top-rank speakers were on the agenda, along with a poster session and a research assignment. The participants were very enthusiastic and up to such a challenging week!


Discover the Summer School's Daily Newsletters: click on the pictures below.


ss_vign2 ss_vign3 ss_vign4 ss_vign5
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5



University of Twente - Campus


BIOART's 3rd Workshop - February 2015

The BIOART team  met in Leipzig for BIOART's 5th Progress Meeting & 3rd Workshop (10-12 February 2015). The Workshop was devoted to "Regulatory issues of BAL liver and iPS derived hepatocyte products".



Part of BIOART's Fellows in Leipzig, Germany, February 2015



BIOART's Mid-term Review & 2nd Workshop - September 2014

BIOART's whole team got together at Cetraro, in Italy, in September 2014 for a week of events. 4th Progress Meeting, Mid-term Review Meeting and a 3-day workshop were packed for an intensive Calabrian experience. The whole event was organised by ITM-CNR: congratulations for the job!


BIOART's team at Cetraro, Italy, September 2014g